Questions regarding orders or returns

Please direct questions regarding orders or returns to our Customer Care Team:
Phone.: +49 178 7805632
Fax: +49 711 7545921


All prices listed on this website are retail prices in Euro, inclusive of value added tax (VAT) and refer to the described product. All prices are current at the time of your online order. Payments can be made in advance (bank transfer).

All payments as well as refunds are exclusively in EURO.

After your order you will receive an order confirmation via email. After the funds reflect on our bank account, your order will be processed within the timescale stated in §6 (General Terms And Conditions).

Please note: All refunds from returns will be directly deposited onto your bank account.

Delivery, Shipping&Fees

  1. Delivery is undertaken solely by DHL. All transport liability lies with We ship internationally to more than 50 countries.
  2. The merchandise will be processed for shipping no later than one day after you have placed your order. Unless agreed upon otherwise, the goods will be delivered within one to four working days to the shipping address provided by the customer, depending on shipping method and destination. Please note that DHL-Express-Delivery does not deliver within Germany on Saturdays.
  3. Shipping to non-EU countries: The estimated shipping time to countries liable to customs duty is two to four working days. Please note that we cover all forms of insurance for the merchandise and any costs regarding corresponding documentation. Product prices depicted do not include customs duty. Please note that DHL will separately invoice all import sales tax, customs duty as well as interchange fees for each country individually. Please direct any questions regarding the amount of payable taxes and fees in your country to our Customer Care Team via email: Please note that potential foreign banking fees are the customers responsibility.

Customs duty, import sales tax as well as interchange fees from DHL WILL NOT be refunded in case of return of the merchandise.

Returns Policy

Merchandise may be returned without reasoning within two weeks by sending the goods back to us. The time limit for refunds comes into effect the day after you have received the goods and the correlating cancellation instruction, but not before we have implemented our duty to inform you according to § 312e Abs. 1 Satz 1 BGB in connection with § 3 BGB-Info V. Only in connection with merchandise that cannot be shipped in a parcel-size (f.ex. bulky goods) you may declare the return in writing, f.ex. by letter, fax or email. In ordert to comply with our returns policy, you are merely required to send the goods or the claim for return back to us within the required time. Under any cirsumstances returned items are being shippes at our cost and risk. The returns shipment or claim for return has to be sent to Vanessa Baroni-Wieler, Paracelsusstr. 12, 70771 Stuttgart, CEO: Vanessa Baroni-Wieler, phone: +49 178 7805632,

Consequences of returns

In case of effective returns the mutual benefits received and potential utilizations (f.ex. advantages of using) are to be returned. In case of any form of deterioration of the merchandise compensation for lost value may be claimed by us. This does not apply if the deterioration of the merchandise is the result of quality control by the customer – as would have been the case with a physical retail purchase. You can avoid the duty to compensate for the lost value of the good by not taking the merchandise into use and by avoiding anything which could lead to further deterioration oft he product. Liabilities of reimbursement of payments have to be executed within 30 days. The time limit comes into effect for you by the time of dispatching the goods or the returns claim, for us by the time of its receipt.

All documents which might be of help for you concerning the return are attached to the consignment of goods. Please note that we can only accept returns from the respective country of delivery; if the merchandise was delivered to Austria, the return may only be initiated from Austria.

At the time of shipping your bank account will be debited. In case of returns a refund will be credited to your account, possible losses due to fluctuating exchange rates will not be refunded.

If you have any questions regarding your rights to return goods please contact our Customer Care Team:
Phone: +49 178 7805632