The brand

The desire for fashionable, individual and affordable jewellery as well as the need for creativity inspired Vanessa Baroni to create her label.

The brand is a mixture of inspirations that the designer gathers from her travels, art exhibitions and from current fashion. This approach, the composition of different origins, can be seen in the materials and colours, such as leather, cord and heavy aluminium chains. A central element, however, is Plexiglas, due to its posterity and fascination with reproducing shapes in two dimensions. Her affinity for the seventies and eighties is also reflected in each collection.The designer wants to create individual pieces of jewellery and give them a life of their own, standing on their own, like a work of art in a room. The objects are in the foreground of the outfit, are matching accessories to sophisticated fashion.

Vanessa Baroni

The German-Croatian designer was born on 22.12.1980 in Stuttgart. For her studies she moved abroad to England.

In London she completed a Bachelor's degree in International Marketing and a Master's degree in European Business.

Vanessa gained her first experiences in the fashion industry during her studies in London. Companies such as DKNY and several fashion PR agencies such as Purple PR or Bryan Morel PR, as well as a year at the PR agency KCD in New York, gave her a basic insight into this industry.

In 2006, after completing her Master's degree, Vanessa started working for luxury brand Wunderkind as a Marketing & Sales Assistant in Berlin.

Then in 2008, she moved back to London for her new challenge as Sales Account Executive for the American company Diane von Fürstenberg. After a design course in Milan in the summer of 2009, Vanessa discovered her passion for jewellery and decided to launch her own jewellery brand, VANESSA BARONI. The company was launched in Stuttgart in October 2009.

The first collection was shown at the London Exhibition Fair during London Fashion Week in February 2010 and since then the label has shown its new collections at PREMIUM in Berlin, Munich and Düsseldorf, and also at TRANOI in Paris.